Men’s Hairstyles Of The Season

Flicking through glossy mens mags and browsing over celebrity gossip websites, you will discover just how many mens hairstyles there are to choose from.

Here’s our favourites for the season :

The Quiff


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The Quiff is a statement look and one of the most iconic mens hairstyles that has been on the circuit since the 1950’s.  At the salon it is hugely popular with many of our male clients! You have the choice of a smart, classic quiff or you can opt for a more contemporary hairstyle if your hair is longer and denser on top. Our team of mens hair specialists at Number 2 The Green will assess your face-shape, hair density and personal style to ensure that we find the perfect quiff to suit you. This is a versatile cut so if you require a simple and understated look for daytime with a sharper sleeker take on the old-school classic it is ideal.      


The Pompadour


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The Pompadour is a classic haircut that is a favourite at Number 2 The Green. This looks oozes style and can be adapted to complement different face shapes. If you have a long shaped face we will encourage a softer and wider style and for those gents with a round face we can ensure height on top and slicked down sides to elongate. The Pompadour is relatively low maintenance and can be easily achieved at home. Our mens hair specialists will spend time explaining the best styling techniques and products to use to achieve the perfect Pompadour.


The Crop

If you want low maintenance, easy hairstyling, then The Crop is an excellent option. This cut suits most face shapes and is ideally suited to guys going thinner on top as it will subtly cover any receding patches. You have the option of using styling products or you can just leave your hair to fall naturally into place, whichever you decide, our team can offer styling advice.


The Fade


The Fade is one of the most popular men’s hairstyles at Number 2 The Green. If you are looking for an on-trend hairstyle then this is for you. Expertise and skill in male grooming is essential if The Fade is the look you are going for. A short back and sides taper in length from the longest length at the top of the head gradually getting shorter to the nape of the neck. The Fade is a versatile hairstyle and can be worn anyway on top. The high top fade is a particular specialism of ours.