Fringe Benefits

How to make sure you are maxing on Fringe Benefits!

The Green Team love a fabulous fringe & are experts at personalising the perfect fringe to suit an individual faceshape, so if you’re looking to make instantly refreshed style statement, a new fringe could do exactly what you require!  Forget your wardrobe and let your hair do the talking…its great for your bank account!

For a round face shape


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For those with a rounder shaped face, the side swept fringe is the best way to add little something to your hairstyle without drawing the attention away from your features. Kelly Osbourne shows a classic side sweep with the shortest part of the fringe landing on the eyebrow and as the hair falls softly round to the side, this adds definition to her layered look.

For a longer, squared face shape

The heavy block fringe is the best fit for this face shape and Rhianna is a perfect example as it is the finishing touch to her Cleopatraesque, short, black bob. It is also a good style choice for those who may feel self conscious about their forehead size as it covers the area nicely.


For a heart and oval face shape.



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Parted in the middle, falling nicely onto the cheekbones, the wispy sides flatter the heart and oval face shapes. The Duchess of Cambridge lets her sweeping bangs do the talking and it is likely that this style won’t take much of an effort as most hair types seem to naturally fall this way.

The best ways to keep a fringe looking freshly cut:

Heavy cut fringes should fall just below the brow, so a regular trimming will keep the hair from covering your eyes and overpowering your facial features. If it is time for a trim but you haven’t got there yet, lift the fringe at the roots with styling tools to help it fall higher on the face.

If you are someone with a middle parting, having a fringe cut in can take some training to keep it in place. At first it might seem like the fringe was a mistake, but the hair can easily be trained with clips or pins. Simply clip the hair where you want it to fall naturally overnight and eventually the hair will follow suit. One of the best ways of controlling the direction of your fringe is to blow-dry it immediately after your washing routine, otherwise it is likely the hair will dry the way it wants to. We recommend the superb milk_shake styling and conditioning hair products to keep your hair under control and ensure it oozes with vitality and is left healthy and glistening.

If you are considering a fringe why not call into The Green and we can re-assess your style options.