Hairstyles for your work out routine

We’ve chosen 5 hairstyles that are the perfect way to keep looking fabulous throughout your workout routine

Use the treadmill as your runway this season and put these styles through their paces. Who said you can’t workout and have hair that’s worthy of the catwalk?  At Number 2 The Green, your hairstyle is important to us in between visits!  Your hair is our runway and we want it to look good whatever the occasion!


The messy bun:


  Designer queen VB has the windswept look absolutely mastered. Keep this style stored away for when you just want to get up and go. As most of the hair will be hidden, it’s the perfect way to gain control over your frizz.


How to do it:

When we say messy, we mean messy. This will work best on un-straightened hair, or to be more specific hair that’s just been lifted from the pillow. Just gather the hair into a loose ponytail, wrap the hair around the base and secure it in whatever way you fancy. Embrace those fly aways.


The pin up:



When you’re trying to tie your hair back, but it just. Won’t. Reach. Or if it does, you’re left with a little stub. For those that are at the awkward in-between stage from short to mid-length hair, don’t let it stand in the way between you and an amazing up do. As Michelle Williams has found out for herself, there’s no right or wrong way of doing this, just however you see fit.

How to do it:

Bobby pins and a lot of them.

The slick back:


  The solution for getting hair out of your face and off your back. A god send for harsh workout routines. Sometimes less is more and even Rosie Huntington-Whiteley agrees by going with simplicity rather than intricacy.


How to do it:

Tightly gather your hair and secure it into a ponytail or bun. If you’re going for the wet look like Rosie – why not add some product?


The side braid: