Your Top 5 Hair Questions – Answered

So here are our official answers to the most frequently asked hair questions by our clients at Number 2 The Green



How can I make my hair grow faster?



There is no doubt about it! This is our number 1 most frequently asked hair question!      


Believe it not, regular trimming will help your hair to grow faster. Even just half an inch will do the trick as well as keeping the ends of the hair looking healthy and avoiding split ends. How else would Jennifer Aniston keep her luscious long locks.  


How can I update my hairstyle without having a drastic change?


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Try a fringe (or bangs as you may call them). Taylor Swift has recently added another dimension to her bob cut and lets her heavy, block fringe take the attention. There are so many fringes to choose from, we particularly love the block cut and the wispy side sweep. The best hair question for you to ask one of our hairstylists? – what hairstyle would suit your face shape the best.

How can I make it through the awkward stage when growing out my hair?



As Kaley Cuoco well knows, making the transition from the pixie cut to the beloved bob can be difficult, but don’t be fooled in to thinking that the shorter the hair the fewer styles available to you. The possibilities are endless, try tucking or clipping the hair behind the ears and wrapping the hair into an elegant up do. Or go for the messier the better motto with tousled waves. Either way, if you’re finding it a struggle you can always rely on the old and faithful hair grips to do the work for you.



How can I tame frizzy hair?


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If you’re like Beyonce with super thick hair that needs taming into a sleek tumble of waves, the answer is an anti frizz serum. Whatever one you choose, it’s best applied to damp hair before it dries into an uncontrollable situation.

Why not add in the milk_shake glistening treatment to your styling routine and see what a difference it can make. It’s suitable for all hair types, simply spritz over damp hair, comb through and rinse.

How can I prevent my colour from fading?

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Sporting a vivid a colour like Kylie Jenner can be hard to maintain – a combination of rapid root growth and heavy colour fade mean it is essential to invest in professional products.  Make sure you avoid shampoos and conditioners with sodium laureth sulfates (SLS) as they ultimately strip the hair of it’s colour. You should look for products that are SLS free such as the milk_shake colour maintainer range.

Damaged hair is also likely to fade more quickly, you do should keep up to date with regular colour visits to the salon and use a protective product such as a heat spray to help keep that salon fresh feeling for as long as possible.  Healthier conditioned hair is far more likely to penetrate and maintain the colour so be sure to treat your hair to regular nourishing hair treatments.


TOP TIP : – always remember to give your hair a quick blast with ice cold water after conditioning….this seals the cuticle and reduces colour fade.  


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