Fabulous Hair Is Proven To Knock Years Off You

There’s nothing quite like a great haircut. That feeling when you can’t stop catching a glimpse of yourself in the mirror or running your hands through your new layers is priceless!  We all pray for that wonderful moment when you find your forever hairdresser!

As we mature, a good hairstyle can take years off the way we look whilst a bad haircut can age us considerably.  Finding the perfect haircut for your face shape and colour that complements your complexion can be a lifelong search.  Visiting a talented and professional stylist could be an immediate solution. Number 2 The Green in Horsforth, we stress the importance of talking to your stylist about the most flattering look for your hair and face shape.

Here’s Number 2 The Green’s guide to melting away the years with fabulous hair!


Our hair thins as we age, so keeping it long may accentuate the thinning. If your hair is thinning, you should consider a shorter option.  We love a lob – think Jerry Hall! We encourage our guests to have layers and depth cut into the hair to avoid that oh-so-aging same-length cut.

If you have a well-cut hairstyle that is flattering to your features, the length of your hair truly doesn’t matter.  A mature client with a strong inner confidence can rock any cool and modern look – think pixie crops and graduated bobs as well as the layered bob and lob.

Remember not to get stuck in a hair rut!  That hairstyle that worked for you 15 years ago is maybe slightly dated or less flattering than it used to be.  It’s important to evolve — everything usually comes back around, but with a modern twist.


Going too dark can add years to your look.  There is no doubt about it – your hair colour should complement your skin tone.

Your colourist should expertly use colour to frame your face and to brighten your complexion.  By lightning a couple of shades, it will give the appearance of looking more youthful.  You should avoid trends that are targeted to a younger generation and keep your colour classic, chic and subtle.  Consider softer colours such as golden blondes and gorgeous reds.  We are huge fans of cool platinum and icy silvers – the trick is to ensure that the tone is perfect.

Styling Tricks

Seriously, a parting can make a huge difference!  A soft irregular part could be flattering, whilst a straight down the middle or severe side-part could be too harsh.  Never forget about the power of a fringe – the fringe can mask or enhance features and is notorious for keeping ladies looking youthful.

As our hair thins as we become older, many ladies worry about their hair looking flat which in turn can accentuate prominent facial features.  You should think volume, not height!  Teased up hair is ageing whereas volume can make you look modern and elegant.

If you are concerned about thinning hair we recommend that you speak with one of our specialists.  It is important to use the correct shampoos, conditioners and treatments that give your hair vitality rather than weight it down. We love milk_shake’s Integrity Shampoo, Conditioner and treatments.


Dry and damaged hair is ageing.  Keep your hair healthy, hydrated and super-glossy for a youthful look.  Keep up with regular salon appointment to banish unwanted split ends (seriously damaging for your hair) and consider our in-salon milk_shake hair treatment to keep your locks healthy, hydrated and shiny.

Remember, when you look good, you feel good — and you’re only as young as you feel!