Fringe Benefits

Could a fringe be the answer to the hair of your dreams?


We hear you!  You’re wanting to upgrade your hair but really don’t want to cut it all off?You’d be surprised just how many of our salon guests have the same goal! Why not consider the benefits of a fab fringe?

Round, oval, square or heart-shaped, our team of hairdressers at Number 2 The Green are here to tell you how to make a style statement with a fringe that suits you. Before you head to see us for an impulsive chop, take a minute to think about how you can instantly upgrade your style and keep the length!

Something as simple as cutting in a new fringe can completely overhaul your style, drawing attention to all the right places. Who wouldn’t know your eyebrow game is on point? However, once it’s cut in, it’s not so easy to grow it out. So it is important that your choice of fringe suits your face shape and once you have this sussed it’s just a question of whether you go heavy, long, soft or side-swept.

For a round shaped face
A heavy fringe on a rounded face can risk overpowering you and make the face look fuller. Step away from the soft and wispy and opt for thick and structured fringe that will be a real talking point. A long side sweep that hugs the face can add definition to your hairstyle, without drawing the attention away from your best features.

For a long or square shaped face
The straight cut block fringe suits the longer face shape. This look is ideal for those with strong, striking features as the fringe will softly counteract these. The hair should fall just below the brow to frame the face evenly but be prepared that you will need to keep up with regular maintenance. The straight block fringe is also a good way to mask a larger forehead, for those that feel self-conscious about it.

For a heart-shaped face
The side sweep is the one for you. It’s the perfect way to balance your features without overpowering a dainty face. The shortest bit should hit your brow, with the longest part draping down between your cheekbone and your jaw.

For an oval shaped face
If you have been lucky enough in the genetic lottery to end up with an oval face shape, anything goes. You can take your pick of fringes and it will only flatter your face. The most natural way for hair to fall is from the middle parting. For a fringe that takes minimal maintenance, wispy bangs that fall on the cheekbones are the perfect match.

Fringe maintenance
If it’s time for a trim but you just haven’t got around to it yet, the best way to keep the hair away from the eyes is to lift the fringe at the roots with your usual styling tools. Remember that regular trimming is recommended to keep the fringe looking fresh.

Have you ever woken up and your fringe is in every position but the one you want it to be? Why not speak to our talented team of hairdressers in Horsforth and they will offer you their expert guidance on how to care for your fringe when away from the salon.