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Colour Me Beautiful

There are so many benefits of a great hair colour that has been professionally selected, skin-matched and applied.

We asked our colour specialist Carla to explain why!

‘ a great colour will inject energy into your hair style, it will refresh your skin tone and can really enhance your features if applied by a professional.  A colour upgrade can be youthifying and in many cases completely transform the way you feel about yourself every time you look into the mirror’

At The Green Hairdressers in Horsforth, we believe that each colour should be completely tailored and personalised to suit our individual client:  there is no age or hair length barrier when it comes to giving you incredible hair colour.   Our team of colour specialists are expertly and regularly trained in the very latest products and technique and  we’re fully committed to ensuring that each and every salon guest leaves us with the colour of their dreams that is healthy and full of vitality!

We recommend that you follow these rules to ensure that we can achieve the very best hair colour for you!


You are visiting us as professional hairdressers to tranform your colour so please consider to our expert advice and many years of experience.  It is crucial that we guide you on a colour journey that is right for your hair type and skin tone.  We are strong believers in honesty and maintaining the integrity of your hair and will always advice on what suits your own individual features and of course  what is achievable with the condition of your hair:  we will educate you on how to care for your hair when away from the salon and encourage you to visit us regularly to keep your hair colour fresh and healthy.  Remember, your hair is our reputation – we want it to look as fabulous as you do!


When you visit The Green, we are passionate that we understand your needs and desires and our colour experts will always offer a detailed consultation on your first visit to the salon or if you decide to transform your colour or hairstyle.  We ask you to be completely honest with us about previous hair colours and the level of commitment that you are able to give to your new hair.  For example, if you wish to opt for a cool platinum blonde, you must commit to a number of home care products and regular salon visits.  If you are unable to visit the salon regularly, perhaps it would be better to opt for a low maintanance balayage.


Never get stuck in a colour rut.  Sometimes you just need to take a step back and remember that tones that suited you twenty years ago are likely to be very different to those that will suit your complexion and personality now.    The colourists at The Green will create hues that respect the loss of skin tone and hair pigment that naturally happens over time.    We advise that you avoid  a full head colour  and less natural looking hues .  If you wish to go lighter, it is good to remember that highlights and balayage techniques will embrace a variety of tones and will make incoming grey hairs far less obvious.


Coloured hair must be treated with respect and integrity to keep it looking fabulous in between salon visits.  After your colour, we always apply a treatment that will help to lock your colour in and your colour specialist will help you find a personalised home care ritual that will keep your colour preserved and your hair in the best possible condition.  At The Green, we work with milk_shake hair care products that offer a complete range of solutions for all hairtypes.  milk_shake‘s Sweet Camomile and Silver Shine ranges are perfect for blondies whilst their Integrity System offers the ultimate selection of treatments for those who need to replenish moisture after an intense colour service.  You should commit to a weekly treatment routine at home remember that beautiful colour is glossy and shiny and requires healthy and well-maintained tresses.

If you would like to visit our hairdressers in Horsforth for a colour upgrade, please call the salon or visit our online booking service.