Wellaplex Hair Treatment

WELLAPLEX is a must-have treatment for anyone who craves beautiful healthy colour!

We never like to refuse our clients a colour, however, we will always prioritise the integrity of your hair.  Remember, our colourists are expertly trained and as we’re constantly shown enticing images on Instagram of brights and pastels and cool platinum we are always looking to find ways to create the colour of your dreams without causing damage to your hair.

We will always offer you our expert knowledge on what is possible and what’s completely unrealistic. For example, darker haired clients looking to go lighter used to be a big no-no, especially if they wanted to keep their hair in good condition. But with Wella Professionals WELLAPLEX, an exclusive strengthening treatment that helps to reconstruct inner hair bonds for stronger hair,* we can now say yes to those looking to release their inner blonde – even white blonde!

The WELLAPLEX collection consists of three products: No.1 Bond Maker, which helps to create bonds within the hair during lightening or colour services; No.2 Bond Stabiliser, which further strengthens the bonds, re balances pH and strengthens structure after chemical treatment; and No.3 Hair Stabiliser, for you to use at home, which helps to keep hair strong, smooth and soft until the next WELLAPLEX treatment.

It works in perfect synergy with the Wella Professionals colour products that we use and targets the inner hair structure, where amino-acid bonds have been broken by chemical, mechanical or environmental stresses. This means that our colourists will be able to carry out bold colour transformations knowing hair will be healthier, flexible and more manageable.

If you would like to book a colour appointment with one of our specialists, then please call the salon to book your appointment or book here on our website.